Park Grill

With a handful of accolades (Including Citysearch’s 2008 “Best Hamburger” in Chicago), we visited Park Grill hoping to feast on one of Chicago’s elite burgers.  When choosing between the $11 Park Grill Burger and the $17 American “Kobe” Burger, we splurged for their pricier offering, wanting to fully experience one of the city’s best.  Further, we took them up on their offerings of gorgonzola cheese (+$2) and bacon (+$2), the burger world equivalent of throwing a fastball down the middle to a homerun hitter.

The American “Kobe” Burger had a delicious patty with a light char on the outside and a moist interior; it was clearly a high-quality piece of meat that had been cooked properly.  The patty had a flame grilled steak flavor and was seasoned with a touch of salt and pepper.  The gorgonzola cheese was creamy and added a perfect complement to the meat.  We expected elite bacon, given their high-quality burger meat, but surprisingly it was one of the burger’s few shortcomings.  Several bites of bacon were so tough that they were hard to chew and interfered with the sandwich’s texture.  The charred onions were a bit of a disappointment too.  They were a very thick cut and overpowered several bites of the burger.  The package was enclosed in a pretzel bun of the proper thickness, not thick enough to dry out or overwhelm the burger.

Since our focus is burger quality, Park Grill’s burger will fare very well in our rankings.  However, we’re not going to argue that its $21 price tag is justified.



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