The Peasantry

Let us preface the following review by saying we don’t intend to steer you away from The Peasantry, just toward a dish other than the Duck Burger.  This comfy sit down restaurant specializes in “elevated street food”, offering a variety of delicious dishes at very affordable prices.  The Romesco Pasta, Duck Wings, and Triple Truffle Fries were a few of our favorites, although we’ll be returning to sample more dishes including the lamb and beef burgers.

The scrumptious duck wings we had at our first visit compelled us to go back to try the Duck Burger.  Although a duck burger isn’t precisely an apples-to-apples comparison to our other reviews, a great duck burger would be able to roam with the cows.  Unfortunately, this duck didn’t moo.  The patty was an average size, and the big, thick bun dried out the overall package.  The burger was topped with a combination of dried apricot, orange marmalade, mustard greens, tarragon, and Foie Gras.  The dried apricot and orange marmalade had a nice, sweet flavor, but was a bit too subtle and only helped the flavor minimally.  Overall, the duck burger was on the bland side and lacked the quack of their other dishes. 

2723 N. Clark (Lincoln Park)


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