Wildfire touts itself as a 1940’s style steakhouse, making us wonder if there were great burgers in the 1940’s? Given steakhouses’ beef expertise, it’s generally a no-brainer that they serve top-quality burgers.  We expect to pay a little more for an upscale burger of excellent quality.  Unfortunately, Wildfire’s “Prime Angus Burger” fell short.

Our biggest complaint about this burger was its dry patty.  The sizeable patty was spread wide, keeping the thickness consistent from the outer edge to the middle of the patty. This was not a problem fundamentally, but it became one as the burger was overcooked and lacked juicy flavor within. Its texture was a bit chewy as well. The flavor was smoky and decent, although this was overshadowed by the aforementioned shortcomings.  Our sesame and multigrain buns were nothing special, and the multigrain’s texture was on the thick side.  Blue cheese and cheddar cheese were added for an extra dollar and did little to help the burger.  The blue cheese was thick and abundant, but its flavor was subtle so there was a lot of mess for little flavor.

If you’re looking to splurge on a good burger, there are many better options than Wildfire. It’s a fine burger, but there are much better burgers out there.


$10.95 ($11.95 with cheese)


River North/Oak Brook/Lincolnshire/Schaumburg/Glenview



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