About me

food is my hobby

But not FANCY food -- you can keep your Michelin stars. I'm here for the burger and I'm stayin for the beer.

where it all started

I've been meticulously rating my Chicago burgers using a ridiculously detailed spreadsheet for awhile now- just your average Type A Betch.  After the 300th friend asked for a copy,  I finally decided to open up the un-scientific analysis to the public. Give the people what they want, ya know?

but what about before that?

I can't remember the exact origin of the spreadsheet. I believe it may have been a heated discussion at Maillard  Tavern with a boyfriend about whether their burger is better than Au Cheval. Spoiler alert - Au Cheval is awesome, but Maillard 4 ever and he's an ex-boo for a reason.  After I started my burger spreadsheet, I tried to track pizza and steakhouses too -- but that was overwhelming, and also, I would quickly go broke eating out that frequently. So I decided to keep focusing on my one true love, the cheeseburger. 

say hi

 If you have a recommendation for me (that isn't Au Cheval) send it my way! I'll shout you out when I visit. Alternatively, if you want to send me a super private 'this is secretly the best burger in Chicago but don't blog about it because I don't want it to get over crowded' -- I will happily accept your submission and will pinky promise to keep it quiet.  Don't forget your fry suggestions too!