frequently af asked questions


best burger in chicago?

 C'mon people -- it's all over this website! It's the Loyalist.  Maillard Tavern is a very close second.  

best burger to cure a hangover?

 Triple Elvis Slider at Devil Dawgs. 


Little Bad Wolf in Andersonville

best burger spot to take your snobby cousin?

Maybe not Kuma's Corner.  I'm saying Taureaux Tavern. 

i'm only in town for one day, and want to have the quintessential chicago burger... where do i go?

Fine, it's Au Cheval. 

I've already had all the buzzy 'best' chicago burgers, where am i missing?

The Royal Grocer in Bucktown.


best french fries?

DMK especially if you appreciate good trufflage. 

best option for a burger and fries with cheap drinks so i don't go broke?

The Stopalong in Wicker Park 

best burger option with great featured burgers/changing menus

KUMA'S. All their featured burgers are next-level. Also, Good Measure.

i know you judge on 'burger experience' but looking at juuusst the burger -- what's the best?

This is extremely difficult and your question gives me anxiety. Maillard is up there, and so is The Region, and so is Red Hot Ranch. 

do you consider suburban spots?

Rarely. I mostly focus my search within Chicago City Limits -- but I do occasionally visit a suburban spot that is especially noteworthy. It will not go on the spreadsheet, but could end up on the instagram. 

have you had any burgers you absolutely hated?

Yes -- but I'm not about that 'blast em on the internet' life. If you want to know -- send me an email, I will assess your character using skills learned from Mindhunter and will consider telling you if deemed trustworthy.