the criteria

the main event

I'm judging biggest on taste of burger, presentation of burger, size of burger, eatability, and service. 

the other stuff

Additional points will be awarded for french fries and depth of other side options (plus non burger choices for anyone clinically INSANE). Ditto for a surprisingly good value. I'm giving a boost to any cool, stylish, instagrammable surroundings, and adding points for location (aka is it close to the l, or surrounded by several other cool bars to make a night of it). I'm also throwing in bonus points for nice restrooms because we aren't animals!

Close the deal

Finally, controversially-- I'm judging on ease of getting a table/reservation and what I consider the X FACTOR -- noise level, personal spaceyness, ability to get your eat on without getting distracted by the girl at the next table who is nagging her boyfriend. That means, if you always run a 5 hour wait on a Friday night-- it's a ding (without naming names......)